About Me

Learn a bit about me as a person.

Who am I?

In a nutshell I am a young, left and queer girl called Murphy. I am roughly 21.1003 years old. I go by she/her pronouns but they/them pronouns are also fine. I live in a great city somewhere on planet Earth (hint: UTC+2). I love to learn and some of my greatest strengths are my ability to be very disciplined when I need and want to be, my empathy, my pride and my incredible motivation to save this world. In May 2020 I built my first computer (named TARS). Since then my knowledge has basically increased exponentially and I learned a ton about science and specifically computer science and just never stopped. My true passion is physics. I had an amazing physics teacher in school and learned so much from him. There is too much pain and suffering in the world though for me to just follow my passion and learn about some particles which are so small that no one will ever be able to see them. That's why I am dedicating a lot of my attention towards computer science instead. I can do a lot more relevant for the world with software then I could with studying quantum mechanics. And I think AI has an incredible potential to boost all kinds of scientific research. I mean just look at what DeepMind is already achieving with AlphaFold for example. Now back to the important things though: I LOVE How I Met Your Mother 😊. For me it's the single greatest piece of art ever created! You should watch it if you haven't already!
Oh and I like cats :)


What am I doing with my life?

I want to save the world and make it a better place. I want to fight the pain and suffering. I can't survive just watching humans suffer all over the world and not doing anything about it. I am way too empathetic for that. Their pain is my pain. I am good at and love science. Specifically computer science, mathematics and physics which is also exactly what I am currently studying at university. As I already mentioned in the "Who am I?" section my future work will mostly have to do with cs though. Currently I am in the filling my brain with skills and knowledge section of my life but I am also already producing some small results. In the future I want to work on all kinds of problems. Always not for profit of course. With my education I could do all kinds of things like working on the transition to sustainable energy production, nuclear fusion, climate models or very applied projects to educate, feed or protect humans to name a very few. The possibilities for me to help humankind and help save the world are endless. I am basically a workaholic and code a lot... My desire and motivation to help humans is pretty unique.


Over the years I used and explored a bunch of languages/operating systems/tools/libraries/etc. I roughly categorized them and tried to sort them by type. This is a only a portion of them though. They are limited by the icons I found on Devicon 🙃

I am good with

LinuxVisual Studio CodeTypescriptJavascriptPythonMarkdownSvelteHTMLCSSTailwindcssGitHubLaTeXMoodleNotionDiscord.js

I am okay with

Arch LinuxNixOSWindows 11RaspberryPiArduinoVimJetbrainsJupyterGitGitHub ActionsGitLabDenoNode.jsNPMDockerBashRustCC#JavaGoDartFlutterKerasTensorFlowNumpyPandasMatplotlibMatlabopencvProcessingP5.jsUnityGoogle CloudFirebaseSupabaseVercelGimp

I came in contact with

ZigVisual StudioAndroid StudioxcodeReactNext.jsVue.jsNuxt.jsVite.jsKaggleGodotIFTTTFigmaBlender

Contact me

If you want to contact me, you can do so via email. You can also try some other ways like the discussions tab on my GitHub README Repo here. You'll find a way. When you do so please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about yourself that I know who I am talking to. I am always happy to get some feedback.