Side Projects

An overview of smaller side projects.

Open-Source Contributions

I am a big fan of open-source software and I try to contribute to projects whenever I got the time and I find some bug or I am looking for a new feature. Sometimes these are just very small things. Sometimes I really get into it. I also like to contribute to the Wikipedia when I notice something is wrong (Wiki Userpage). (Software) projects I contributed to (wrote code for) (the list of issues is much longer):

Coding Projects & monthly Jams

As I mentioned in the context of Jambo on the work page, I am part of Discord server where we do monthly coding jams. From there and just my every day life I have a whole repository full of small projects like riddles, challenges and all kinds of thingies. For example do I like to participate in the Advent of Code every year or do something fun for the Pi-Day. Most of the projects are not finished nor polished at all 🙃 And that's okay! This is my having fun repository.

I guess this website is also one of my side projects. I build it with SvelteKit, Tailwind and deployed it with Vercel. First I tried using Fresh, Deno and Deno Deploy because I fell in love with Deno but I am just way too new to web development and wasn't up for it. Then I used Nuxt but it wasn't a good fit either. I really don't like web development but it's kinda just what you have to learn in order to built things like this... I am pretty happy with SvelteKit now though :)