An overview of my rather serious work.

Obsidian Wikipedia Search Plugin

A plugin for the note taking app Obsidian that uses the Wikipedia API to let the user search, link and open Wikipedia articles directly in their notes from within the app. I built it because I was looking for that functionality myself when writing about scientific stuff. It just makes it so much more convenient to gather knowledge. The plugin is available in the community plugin list and has 13522 downloads.

The Humane Software License

A software license to change the world! All the code I write and publish is in some way or another there to save the world. I was looking for a software license that encapsulates this passion and ease my fear of people abusing my work for their malicious purposes but could only really find the Anti-Capitalist Software License and so ended up creating my own license instead. From the projects README: "The HSL is meant to accompany software that empowers individuals, collectives, worker-owned cooperatives, and nonprofits who follow the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while denying usage to those that exploit labor for profit and don't care about the moral consequences of their actions." Nearly all my projects are now licensed under the HSL and I am pretty happy with it so far. You should take a look, give it a try and tell your friends about it!

Introduction to Fractals and Holomorphic Dynamics

An article I wrote for my university course "Scientific Computing in Mathematica". It is an introduction into fractal geometry and holomorphic dynamics being the mathematical foundation for some of the most well known fractals which I also cover. I created all the visuals myself in Mathematica 13. You can run and edit them yourself by downloading the source code from below. I wrote it in my second uni semester but to read and understand it only a bit of mathematical notation is required to understand it. It's highly influenced by 3Blue1Browns incredible videos on the topic! My personal highlight of the article is the section covering and showing the bifurcation diagram of the logistic map hiding in the Mandelbrot set plotted in three dimensions. Don't worry these terms don't have to mean anything to you right now. Just start reading and dive into the wonderful, beautiful, fascinating and weird world of fractal geometry!

Facial Landmark Detection

A project on facial landmark detection on facecam input I did for my university course "Deep Learning". Even though the article was written together with two others I did all the coding. I used TensorFlow and a convolutional neural network with a dataset from Kaggle. The project was my first experience with the development of real world machine learning applications. I had fun optimizing some custom masked loss functions but by far the biggest and most time consuming part was dealing with the data and building the "infrastructure"...

Jambo ⁘ Discord Bot

A Discord bot to manage a whole game jam/hackathon server from a fully functional poll system to managing color roles. I am the owner of a Discord server called Cowoding Jams where we host monthly coding jams. Because organizing them with collecting all the proposals and creating polls with complicated websites was way too much work we went the "programmer way" and spent nearly a year developing our own Discord bot as a group project to handle all those things for us :) We are about 7 active developers. We are more people on the server though. Check out the wiki to learn more about its features and create your own server with it!