My uni history and some resources for my fellow students.

Scientific Knowledge Base (Coming Soon™)

During my studies I take a lot of notes. All these notes and everything else I learn ends up in my knowledge base. It's an Obsidian vault written in German which I want to share with everyone over a website and GitHub under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. The vault is basically my own little Wikipedia with all the definitions, concepts, theorems and so on I learn.


I am currently studying Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics. It's a challenging combination of all three disciplines. I am having the same courses as the regular math/physics/cs students. Just not all of them and my bachelor is longer. Before I started this bachelor I studied Computer Science & Computational Science somewhere else for a year. It allowed me to take courses on physics and cognitive neurosciences but it was just too applied and tbh too easy for me. Plus I wanted more and serious math. Not just math for cs.


I don't worry too much about my university grades. I don't want and need the fanciest education and high paying jobs in the world. Neither do I want to work in the academic field. I want to solve real world problems not end up in fundamental research. As I explained in the About Me: I want to help people and save the world. That's why I decided I'd rather work on useful and impressive projects during my studies that directly benefit humanity than spend my time endlessly studying for exams and memorizing things I can always just look up later. A GitHub profile with useful code is more important to me than some number on a piece of paper. Don't get me wrong! I am very ambitions when it comes to learning and understanding the concepts in my bachelor and actually working towards being able to use that knowledge whenever I need it.